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Sleep Curlers Hair Rollers

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Wake up refreshed with stylish curls without the stress. Simply Set, Sleep, & Go! Sleep Curlers Hair Rollers are sleep curlers that are the first of its kind! The memory foam core of this hair rollers is as soft and comfortable, you won't even notice it there! These sleep stylers are super-absorbent heat-free velcro rollers that can curl your hair without damaging it. If the hair is thick, air dry to 80 percent dry before you wrap foam hair rollers.

Sleep Curlers Hair Rollers are sleep curlers that have everything you need for beautiful hair. The easiest foam hair roller ever. Bend and set we mean it-it's as simple as that. These velcro rollers have big curls that create soft loopy curls by taking large sections and rolling hair to create your desired effect. They are perfect for night sets as these hair rollers are soft and bendable with no hard plastic. With these best hair rollers, you can wake up refreshed with natural-looking curls without a dent or crease in sight.

The foam hair rollers are as comfortable to sleep on as a pillow & microfiber material that holds 4-5x its weight in water and dries fast. These sleep curlers are easy to use and suit all hair types. Our velcro rollers make beautiful curly and body wave hair without any damage! Break tradition-refuse electric hair, perm hair. save a hundred dollar money and hours time to go to a salon.

These Sleep Curlers Hair Rollers are velcro rollers that are super light and soft special for sleeping the nice curly loose or body hair wave you like will appear after you wake up. Beauty and comfortable who say can only choose one?


  • SAVE TIME: Dry and style your hair with this velcro rollers while you sleep or carry on your morning routine.
  • STOP HAIR DAMAGE: Super - absorbent hair rollers can curl your hair without damaging it. If the hair is thick, air dry to 80 percent before you wrap.
  • SOFT MEMORY FOAM CORE: It's like sleeping on a pillow and the microfiber material of this foam hair rollers holds 4-5x its weight.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The removable outer of the hair rollers makes them easy to wash.
  • SAVE MONEY: Be your own stylist with this easy at-home sleep stylers styling solution.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 16cm
  • Quantity: 8pcs

Package Includes:

  • 1X Sleep Curlers Hair Rollers