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Laptop Stand Metal Laptop Riser For Desk With Drawer

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Do you seem to bend your neck or hunch over to look down at your computer screen? Laptop Stand Metal Laptop Riser For Desk With Drawer is a laptop stand that will fix this ergonomic problem. We found that 4.1" is the most common height needed to raise a computer monitor or laptop. This laptop table will finally put your computer screen in the correct position, and help reduce neck strain. Studies show the best height for your monitor is to have your eyes level with the top edge of the computer screen. However, most people stare at monitor screens that are too low.

The laptop stand for desk is well made of sturdy metal construction with a classic black coating. This laptop riser for desk can easily hold a computer monitor, laptop, iMac notebook, printer up to 33lbs. Built with non-skid feet that increases stability and keeps your devices cool, safe, and damage-free. Best ergonomics for head and shoulder posture and viewing. The portable laptop stand can raise your monitor by 4.7". This portable laptop desk can give you a better healthy sitting position which helps reduce neck and backache and relieve eye strain and enhance work efficiency. This laptop stand is also used to organize your make-up & cosmetics accessories like lipsticks & eyeliners or jewelry, hair accessories. It looks great on any countertop or vanity without taking up space.

The Laptop Stand Metal Laptop Riser For Desk With Drawer is a laptop table that is super easy to use - No assembly! Simply pull the drawer out of the box for storing almost all of your small office supplies like pens, notebooks, smartphones, notes, paper, documents, scissors, TV remote, etc. The laptop stand for desk minimizes the messy clutter and saves your valuable desktop space. Plenty of room for storage, simple mesh design, easy to see what is inside. Our laptop riser for desk has enough compartments to allow for some basic organization and keep your desk neat and tidy. This portable laptop desk is the perfect size for organizing office supplies and home accessories for a more productive and tidy environment.


  • This laptop table is finished by sturdy mesh metal, wear-resistant, durable
  • Elevate monitor up to eye level for comfortable and ergonomic viewing experience.
  • The laptop riser for desk makes you get free from tension headaches or eye and neck strain from looking down on your computer screen.
  • It is also suitable for putting TV, DVDs, laptop, printer, fax machines, etc.
  • This portable laptop desk raises your monitor up to eye level for a comfortable ergonomic viewing experience.
  • Focuses on relieving the strain of the neck, shoulder, and back and enhancing work efficiency.
  • The laptop stand comes with 2 pull out drawers.
  • A lot of storage space to maximize the deskspace with this laptop stand it keeps your desk organized and looking neat.
  • The upper drawer comes with 3 compartments and the lower drawer fully open.
  • You can put small items in the upper drawer while storing documents, paper, magazines beneath.
  • This portable laptop stand blends in well with everything else on your desk without having them lying on the desk in the way.


  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 15.8 inches X 11.8 inches X 4.7 inches
  • Load Capacity: 33lbs.
  • Weight: 4.79lbs.

Package Includes:

  • 1X Laptop Stand Metal Laptop Riser For Desk With Drawer