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Anti Wrinkle Roller

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You want a great massager for face slimming!!

Anti Wrinkle Roller can improve blood flow after constantly rolling it on your face. A Special tool to help slim down your face and neck, remove the double chin.


  • Anti Wrinkle Roller, made of 12 smooth floral wheels. It is an ideal massage tool for lifting your face,enhancing the elasticity of your skin.
  • Adhere to use, can remove double chin, obesity, edema, thick neck, etc. that will affect the beauty of the factors.
  • Three-stage roller wheel shave a more strong performance,adopting the irregular wheels distribution design, make face feel three different massage experiences.
  • With using this wheel roller massager frequently, and each time for 5-10 minutes, long-term using helps you prevent wrinkles and delay aging.
  • Portable and lightweight, Whether you are at home, in the office, or traveling, you can carry it, creating the perfect face shape anytime, anywhere.

How to use:

Place the facial massage wheel on both sides of the face and comfortably massage the two side cheeks with one hand. Gently hold the handle and roll the wheel from the chin to the cheeks.

When pushing up,push it slightly to squeeze it. When pulling up, hold the handle a little harder, gently hold the handle part, and press the cheek from the bottom to the front.

Massage once fora bout 10 minutes. Please massage after cleansing. While massaging the face, please massage the neck together.

Special effects:

  • Can effectively promote blood circulation (blood flow),play a massage lymphatic effect
  • It can promote metabolism, improve facial edema and shrink under developed facial muscles (cause of facial sagging)

The scope of application:

  • Suitable for round face, double chin,puffy face, thick neck. It is especially suitable for people with facial "obesity" type and facial edema type. It can promote metabolism, improve facial edema, and contract undeveloped expression muscles (the cause of facial drooping).

Size: 22*6cm (8. 66*2.36in)
Material: PP
Weight: 0. 066kg
Package: 1x Anti Wrinkle Roller