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Wax Warmer Digital Wax Warmer Hair Removal With Hard Wax Beans

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This Wax Warmer Digital Wax Warmer Hair Removal With Hard Wax Beans is a complete starter kit that includes all of our formula signature waxes. Use our wax machine's versatile best-loved formula for your entire body. The wax warmer will tidy up brows to bikini line in one quick waxing session. This paraffin wax targets thick coarse hair and is ideal for brazilian and underarms. Our paraffin treatment formula targets fine thin hair and is perfect for gentle facial waxing. This paraffin wax machine has everything you need for a comfortable, stripless waxing session at a fraction of the cost. Wax whenever you want in the comfort of your own with your own at-home spa equipment waxing kit.

The thermal mitts and glove liners of this wax machine for hands help to keep warm and make the paraffin bath more efficient. This Wax Warmer Digital Wax Warmer Hair Removal With Hard Wax Beans is a composite grill for use in the bottom of the tank is included to protect the heating surface, while integrated handles on the side of the wax melt burner provide safe and easy handling. And with a clear protective lid, you could check the wax melting status easily.

The wax burner kit offers a suitable range of temperatures from 140 ℉ to 170 ℉, enables you to set your desired temperature. This Wax Warmer Digital Wax Warmer Hair Removal With Hard Wax Beans melts wax quickly and evenly. The wax melter takes just 20 minutes to fully melt 2 lbs of paraffin wax at 167 °F. Turn Off the paraffin treatment when dipping. Dip hand, elbow, or heel several times to create a wax covering, then peel away wax to reveal softer, smoother-looking skin. Or use the silicone spatula/ brush to daub on the paraffin wax to the skin, smoother and more convenient.


  • The paraffin wax that smoothens and softens dry skin on hands, elbows, and feet.
  • The heat therapy for stiff hands is great, this paraffin wax machine spa system at home is convenient and works great for arthritis.
  • It's not a cure but it can improve mobility.
  • This wax warmer is constructed of a sleek composite exterior and durable metal interior and features a large open design for ample room to dip hands, feet, or elbows.
  • As an all-in-one home spa equipment, it provides what you need, does what you want, achieves the high-level effect you want.
  • It maintains the ideal wax consistency throughout the day and keeps working.
  • Importantly, this wax warmer uses durable ABS heat-assisted material to prevent overheating.
  • This wax warmer has a refill hard wax getting all your hair ripped out by the root, no stubbles, and crack.
  • This wax warmer kit will guarantee silky smooth skin with finer regrowth.
  • With high quality and high-temperature materials, electric cable and plug.
  • This wax warmer kit for hair removal is very durable and light. it is irreplaceable for any waxing needs.
  • You just need a waxing kit pot, and wooden chip-sticks to apply the wax to the area you want to deal with.


  • Dimensions: 7.28 inches X 7.28 inches X 5.51 inches
  • Weight: 3lbs.
  • Aluminum Pot: 17 ounces
  • Kit Includes: 4 bags of hard wax beads (3.5 oz. each), Pre-Wax Oil and Post Wax Oil (3 oz .ea) 10 large and 10 brow applicators

Package Includes:

  • 1X Wax Warmer Digital Wax Warmer Hair Removal With Hard Wax Beans