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Snore Stopper Reusable Anti Snoring Device With Travel Case

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Breathe well and sleep well with Snore Stopper Reusable Anti Snoring Device With Travel Case. This anti-snoring device opens up your nasal passages so as to put an end to your snoring troubles, and can ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. The snore stopper has no health-related side effects to be worried about while using them, and neither is there a risk of them slipping off. This snore aid device offers a great mix of convenience, care, and comfort. The set of an anti-snoring device has an ergonomically efficient design that prevents the device from slipping out during the night, giving you and your sleep the best time to dream.

Enclosed in a travel-friendly case, the Snore Stopper Reusable Anti Snoring Device With Travel Case includes 4 pairs of anti-snoring device vents; each of a distinct size, providing you options for the best fit. The nasal vents are made of medical-grade silicone, which is tested for them and is just appropriate to be used for snoring remedies and medical applications. The next time you have nasal congestions, gift yourself with this snoring home remedies vents that not only maximize airflow but also act as a snore aid by helping open up air passages to let you breathe normally despite having breathing problems. The snore stopper vents are not only reusable but also placed in case making the product capable of withstanding wear and tear, leaving your sleep undisturbed.

Snoring can put a damper on your personal life and can turn into a major nuisance to the people sleeping beside you. It, then, becomes necessary to find the right kind of solution to effectively put an end to snoring. This is where Snore Stopper Reusable Anti Snoring Device With Travel Case comes in. You can use a single pair of anti-snoring vents multiple times as long as it is maintained and cleaned properly after every use. The anti-snoring device is made of good quality silicone, because of which they can last longer and will not get easily damaged due to continuous use.


  • Using this anti-snoring device every night can effectively help you put an end to snoring permanently, and to sleep better at night.
  • The design of the snore stopper ensures a snug fit.
  • There are multiple sized snore stopper vents to choose from, and you pick the pair that fits best inside your nose nostrils.
  • They have been designed to make the user feel as comfortable as possible.
  • There is no chance of them slipping and falling off either since the silicone material helps to keep them in place.
  • The snoring remedies vents are soft, pliable, and using them can cause no damage to your nose.
  • It can seem like a daunting task to insert the nose vents, but the process is actually quite simple.
  • After the first use, this snore stopper device will be extremely easy to place them every night from then on.
  • The silicon material, from which they are made, is user-friendly, and cannot cause any pain or major discomfort to you.
  • They will rather help you sleep better than before.


  • Dimensions: 1.97 inches X 3.15 inches X 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.95 ounces
  • Material: Silicone

Package Includes:

  • 1X Snore Stopper Reusable Anti Snoring Device With Travel Case