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Powerful Car Ionic Air Purifier 12V

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When the exhaust smoke in front of my car enters the car through the air vents, Powerful Car Ionic Air Purifier 12V is a car ionizer that can remove the smoke with powerful static electricity. This air ionizer protects me and our family from smoke and fine dust. An environmentally friendly car air purifier that functions without any type of electrical power. This car ionizer is a state of silence and no cables required. With its high-quality aluminum material and design, the essential oil creates a modern aesthetic for your car.

Beautiful and technological look with great size, Powerful Car Ionic Air Purifier 12V is an essential car ionizer that is designed to eliminate smells and odors from your car. Say goodbye to unpleasant scents with this air ionizer that gets rid of smoke, mildew, and must. One button touch of this air ionizer control with two different fan speeds. This car air purifier has an indicator light that would show green or blue. It uses electrostatic technology to remove fine dust and other harmful substances from the air that passes through your car's ventilation. This car air purifier is perfect to protect for your health.

The Powerful Car Ionic Air Purifier 12V comes with an elegant body, dual fans in the air outlet and stainless steel base, the small car air purifier does not block your sight. This car ionizer stands steadily in your car even in a high-speed 220km/h or a sudden brake. It can be added to the filter to be an essential air ionizer. Creating a fresh and romantic aromatherapy environment, no ozone, and no UV-C light. Get this car air purifier and let it be a warm-hearted friend for your trip.


  • Our car air purifier captures smoke and bad odors of your car by producing up to 6 million negative ions per cm3.
  • It includes a small internal FAN that circulates and purifies the air in your car faster than any other device.
  • This car ionizer helps to improve air quality in your car or normal size bedroom, pet room, or baby room.
  • Adults smoking in small and closed cars will seriously affect the air quality in the car and endanger the health of themselves and their families.
  • The car ionizer helps remove airborne particles & improve air quality.


  • Voltage: 12V DC (car cigarette lighter)
  • Power: Less than 0.8W
  • Power Supply: 110V
  • Anion Concentration: 3,800,000pcs cc
  • Usable Area: 15 square meters
  • Size approx. 9 cm X 2.3 cm X 2.3 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1X Powerful Car Ionic Air Purifier 12V