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Neck Traction Device With Automatic Decompression For Neck Pain

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Most cervical collars fuction to prevent motion. The idea being that pain will lessen by restricting motion. The neck brace is a revolutionary new approach to treating neck pain by reduction of gravitational pressure caused by the weight of the human head. The innovative longitudinal expansion air columns gently lifts the head upward producing an unloading of the painful discs or joints. Unlike stationary over door home traction, using water bags and pulleys, the ambulatory collar allows freedom of movement. Lightweight and easy to use, the neck brace is comfortable and adjustable to fit all sizes.

The Neck Traction Device is an easy to use traction unit for neck traction treatment at home. Ready to use out of the box with a simple clean design for immediate relief of your painful neck issues. This Neck Traction Device is a device that makes traction therapy easy and will help with disc issues and neck pain; Applies 0-20 lbs of upward force, this device has an adjustable mechanically with precision knobs

Ergonomically designed with memory foam, The Neck Traction Device has a removable chin pad for comfort and easy cleaning. This Neck Traction Device sits comfortably on the chest and shoulders to focus the stretch on the neck. This heated neck brace of the Neck Traction Device is an ideal companion for working, studying or traveling. Just simply plug the USB cord to power bank, PC or USB adapter, You can enjoy a heated neck therapy to relieve your pain in the spine no matter you are in the office or traveling.

The Neck Traction Device is a neck massage that is simple in design and can directly massage the massage ball to a specific pressure point to relieve neck pain and stiffness. neck and shoulder massager can effectively eliminate the tight parts, massage deep tissue, increase blood flow and circulation. The neck traction device is durable and lightweight, perfect for going out and traveling. The Neck Traction Device is easy to handle and comfortable to hold. This Neck Traction Device is used to relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine. It is easily set up for home use.


  • It can be lifted and adjusted to fix hot traction.
  • Traction increased by 60%.
  • For cervical lordosis, straightening, anti-bow, cervical canal hyperplasia, stenosis pain, and other traction correction.
  • Hot compresses can promote blood circulation, help the water and inflammation of the cervical spine, nerve roots, joint capsules, muscles, and other tissues subside, and prevent a variety of middle-aged and elderly diseases.
  • The humanized locking neck design of this automatic decompression for neck pain has fixed snaps and ergonomic design.
  • Small size, lightweight, large traction, long traction stroke, conform to human physiological curvature when inflated, protect the sensitive area before the neck from pressure, adjust traction and fixation.


  • Standard Version: Cotton-woven Fabric + PP Plastic, with heating pad
  • Deluxe Version: Medical grade inflatable neck brace (as advertised on Facebook)
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Heating Temperature: 3 Adjustable Levels (Level 1: 45ºC -- Level 2: 55ºC -- Level 3: 65ºC)
  • Traction Height: 5 Adjustable Levels
  • Power Supply: USB/DC 5V 2A
  • Packaging Size: appr. 25 X 19.5 X 22cm

Package Includes:

  • 1X Neck Traction Device With Automatic Decompression For Neck Pain (Standard or Deluxe)