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Loofah Charcoal Loofah Sponge Washballs

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The Loofah Charcoal Loofah Sponge Washballs are loofahs that suit all kinds of gel or soap. This loofah sponge creates great lather while bathing, exfoliation in a soft way. The shower loofah has soft, recycled, and eco-friendly materials. Besides the avirulent insipidity PE material, nothing else synthetic on the loofah. Drying fastly. The shower sponge will be protecting sensitive skin well. This bath loofah is a great gift for either your friend or self-use.

Our Loofah Charcoal Loofah Sponge Washballs is a great loofah set for exfoliating. Soft to the touch, but rough enough to give you smooth, silky skin after every shower and bath. The fluffy quality material created in our bath sponges are not only beautiful but hold up well and create great lather while bathing or showering. This bath sponge around with a long rope handle to assist in drip drying fast, essential for bacteria-free loofah sponges; and great for holding onto while you scrub.

Loofah Charcoal Loofah Sponge Washballs is a shower loofah that is a perfect size that fits in your hands. A large collection of mesh loofas for longer lasting lather. This shower sponge has an extra dense exfoliation for smoother skin with long soft cotton tape handle to hang dry. The loofa sponge is made from natural bamboo charcoal and eco-friendly materials that have body exfoliating cleans sensitive skin. Our bath sponge has an extra-large mesh pouf that comes in black color that is suitable for both men, women, children, and toddlers to complement any bath or shower.


  • The bath sponge loofah is designed with magnificent mesh, every single mesh pouf will hold up beautifully and easily forms mounds of lather with your favorite soap and shower gel.
  • This loofah sponge is easy to hold and convenient to be hanging.
  • Our shower loofah has an extra-strong soft cotton tape handles for placing over the hand to scrub or for hanging dry when finished.
  • Especially adding natural bamboo charcoal, body exfoliating, cleans sensitive skin.


  • Size: 4.7 Inches X 4.7 Inches
  • Quantity: 4 Pack
  • Material: Soft Mesh
  • Weight: 60g

Package Includes:

  • 1X Loofah Charcoal Loofah Sponge Washballs