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Dog Nail Grinder Painless Pet Nail Trimmers

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Dog Nail Grinder Painless Pet Nail Trimmers are ultra-quiet for pet use. These dog nail clippers are perfect for sensitive dogs or cats who may still be intimated by the sound of pet nail clippers. It is suggested to train pets for a period of time before using this pet nail trimmer on them. The dog nail clippers are motored by a super mute motor that will not scare the pets at all. Ease the tension and prevent the stress and anxiety of trimming your pet's nails with this dog nail trimming pet nail trimmer. Clipping the nail is no more painful experience for them thanks to these amazing dog toenail clippers

Dog Nail Grinder Painless Pet Nail Trimmers features the newest USB rechargeable design Charge the dog nail clippers for 2 hours and lasts 3 hours working. Charge the pet nail clippers through PC, cellphone USB port. The dog nail trimming pet nail clippers are easy to use and has a portable design for your convenience!

Dog Nail Grinder Painless Pet Nail Trimmers is perfect for size pets. You need to use the pet nail clipper to trim the nail down before using the grinder for the large dogs. It takes longer time to grind the large dogs.

These dog toenail clippers have a detachable solid grinder head. The grinder head of this pet nail trimmer is made from silicon carbide, which is highly durable with great hardness, perfect choice to use a pet nail clippers. A dog nail trimming head from us could last for lifetime use. Absolutely worth your try!

There are three size ports to choose from on this dog nail clippers. There are three size openings on the pet nail clippers you can use depending on your pet's nail size. The small and medium openings on this pet nail trimmer are for small and medium-sized pets. For larger pets, the entire cover can be removed off the dog toenail clippers to easily trim large nails.


    • These dog nail clippers can do 7,000 - 14,000 rotations per minute files away long and sharp nails in minutes â high-power, but energy-efficient!
    • The ultra-powerful rotating head on this pet nail trimmer covered by a protective sheath to ensure you and your pet's safety. Nail slot keeps nails in, but skin out
    • Our dog toenail clippers feature a built-in LED light that automatically lights up when you switch on. It makes grooming so much easier and safe
    • These pet nail clippers offer 3 speeds: High (14,000 RPM), Low (7,000 RPM), and Off, all with the press of our high quality,paw-shaped red button!
    • Fine file for bigger animals or tougher nails, and a very fine file for more delicate jobs requiring a more delicate touch (small animals).


    • Material: Grindstone
    • Color: White/Black
    • Using Time: 3 hours
    • Motor: 2.4 V Powerful Long Life Motor
    • Work modes: Rechargeable USB Battery

Package Includes:

    • 1X Dog Nail Grinder Painless Pet Nail Trimmers